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If you're tired of yelling, threatening, and feeling bad about yourself as a parent, you're in the right place.

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Parent Coach & Mentor

As a mom of 4, I understand how difficult parenting can be. As a young mom I desperately wanted to have a close relationship with my kids, but I found myself frustrated and yelling on a regular basis. Even though I swore I would parent differently, I found myself saying and doing things that left me overwhelmed with guilt and shame. I tried praying, reading books, EVERYTHING. They all seemed like parts of a puzzle I couldn't figure out. I was so relieved when I finally learned how to get to the core of my issues, tame my own big emotions, and foster a loving cooperative relationship with my kids.

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  • You’re tired of yelling at your child and feeling like a bad mom

  • You keep wondering, “Why isn’t this is easier?” or “I thought I would love this".

  • You're constantly overwhelmed and on-edge. 

  • You find yourself sounding like your mom (insert any family member), even though you swore you’d never act like that.

  • You’re tired of scrolling, binging Netflix, or eating a whole bag of chips at the end of the night, just to get out of your head. 

  • You always wanted to be a mom, but now you feel lost. 

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12 Week Renewed Parenting Program

Join me for an hour each week in this 12 week program where we do a deep dive into "why" you react the way you do, how to create more cooperation in your home, and how to gain the  skills you need to build a life-long healthy relationship with your kids.

5 Week Targeted Parenting Course

This shorter more targeted course includes five 60 minute sessions and  helps you tackle the very specfic issues you are going through right now with your  child. 

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Life is better with communtiy. Gather a group of friends or make new ones as you share and learn from one another in this transformative 12 week program that will leave you calmer and more confident as a parent.


Invite me to speak or lead a workshop at your school or organization. Popular workshop topics include Setting Healthy Boundaries, How to Handle Backtalk, and Rewriting your Generational Story.

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What Clients Are Saying

Cynthia is incredibly knowledgeable and intentional in the way she coaches. I’ve learned so much about my own parenting style and how to get to where I want to be as a parent. So grateful for her wisdom!

Renee Partridge, mom of 2

    I recently had my first meeting with Cynthia... She is so sweet. Her voice is very welcoming. I told her about all my current issues with my children and she was not judgemental or belittling, in fact she let me know that I am not alone... Cynthia gave me great tips for each of my children (I have 5) to deal with specific problems I told her are currently our big issues. I am looking forward to implementing these strategies and seeing results. I would definitely recommend Renewed Motherhood to anyone struggling with showing their children the kindness they deserve and need.

Heather Bermudes, mom of 5

(Coaching) has already made such an impact on me and how I respond to my kids when they are having their usual fights and arguments… Cynthia has been amazing at creating a safe environment for me to share and process through sibling fights...  I only wish I had sought coaching from her earlier on in my parenting!

Nancy Che Mahan

Cynthia is such a joy to work with! When I began my journey with Cynthia I was overwhelmed with work, my children and my own emotions that I didn’t know how to balance, anything. I reached out for her help and I’m so beyond grateful that I did. Since putting my trust in her and the Jai program it taught me to really understand myself to then understand the needs of my children and build a relationship rather than just being authoritative.  I knew I wanted to be better in all aspects of my life, number one being a mother. Thank you for the guidance and clarity. Forever Grateful!

Lauren Kanemoto, mom of 2

Having Cynthia as my parenting coach allowed me to share my parental disappointments without judgment. Every week we structure a plan to exercise and strengthen my weaknesses. We celebrate my victories. She has been gentle, empathetic and has good insight.  I look forward to sharing my accomplishments with her every week. She is a fantastic parenting coach.

Chereese K., Foster Parent

Cynthia's attentiveness was truly exceptional. She skillfully guided me in gaining deeper insights into the origins of my triggers. Her talent for fostering a secure and nurturing environment greatly boosted my confidence in confronting these triggers head-on. I wholeheartedly endorse Cynthia to anyone who is prepared to seek support in their journey towards self-improvement.

Tiffany Tram

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

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